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SEttings Abstraction Layer

SEAL, or SEttings Abstraction Layer, is a versatile Godot plugin designed to simplify the management of user settings within applications. It supports a wide range of settings, from global performance parameters to cloud-based configurations and settings tailored for individual DLCs or game worlds. SEAL aims to streamline the process of adding, removing, and manipulating settings, ensuring that these operations can be performed with minimal code.# Key Features:- Supports all Godot 4.x versions- Ease of Use: SEAL allows developers to handle settings with just one line of code for adding, getting, or setting values.- Minimal Boilerplate: Saving, loading, and displaying settings require only a few lines of code, reducing overhead.- Extensible: The plugin is designed to be easily extendable, enabling the addition of new setting types and customization of storage methods.- Documentation and Examples: SEAL comes with comprehensive documentation and example code to help developers get started quickly.- Internationalization Support: It fully supports internationalization, making it adaptable for applications in different languages.# InstallationSEAL requires the Log plugin, which is included with SEAL, ensuring seamless data printing to the console. Installation can be done through the asset store or by downloading from GitHub and copying the necessary folders into your project. Once installed, the plugins are enabled in the Project Settings, ensuring is loaded before Example CodeSEAL includes a demo project to illustrate its capabilities, featuring a GlobalSettings class that can be easily integrated and modified. This demo demonstrates how to create, manage, and visualize settings, providing a practical foundation for developers to build upon.# LicenseSEAL is released under the MIT license, promoting open-source usage and modification. This plugin aims to provide a robust and flexible solution for managing settings in Godot applications, enhancing both development efficiency and user experience.

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